Lessons  Q & A:

How do I learn the Alexander Technique?

You learn the Alexander Technique by taking a series of private lessons, each lesson lasting approximately an hour. In the beginning you should aim to have lessons as close together as possible - time and finances permitting. Although reading books greatly helps in your understanding of the technique it takes a direct experience to learn it.

What happens in a lesson?

In a lesson, we work with you to help you develop more awareness in movement and at rest.  We will use both explanation and guiding hands to look at simple, everyday activities like standing, walking, sitting, etc. Over time, students learn to release tension, change old habits and improve their coordination and balance.

Should I wear special clothes?

Ordinary, street or work clothing is fine,  however; women may feel more comfortable in pants rather than a skirt.

Who comes for Alexander lessons?  

Anyone can benefit from AT. Many people come for lessons because they are experiencing aches and pains (for example back pain, frozen shoulder or shoulder pain, neck tension, frequent headaches, repetitive stress injury, painful knees etc). Concern about posture is a common reason for people to come for AT lessons.

How much is a lesson?

We charge $50 for a lesson in Courtenay.  $60 in Qualicum Beach (prepaid set of 6 lessons is $300). A limited number of concessionary places are available.