Q & A:

How do I learn the Alexander Technique?

The only way to really learn AT is to have a direct experience of it. That means having one-to-one sessions with an accredited teacher. We generally recommend coming once a week. We have a lending library of over 30 books, for clients who are interested in reading about AT.

What happens in a lesson?

In a lesson, we work with you to help you develop more awareness in movement and at rest.  We will use both explanation and guiding hands to look at simple, everyday activities like standing, walking, sitting, etc. Over time, students learn to release tension, change old habits and improve their coordination and balance.

Should I wear special clothes?

Wearing comfortable and fairly loose fitting clothing is preferable. All work is done fully clothed, without shoes.

Who comes for Alexander lessons?  

Anyone can benefit from AT. Many people come for lessons because they are experiencing aches and pains (for example back pain, frozen shoulder or shoulder pain, neck tension, frequent headaches, repetitive stress injury, painful knees etc). Concern about posture is a common reason for people to come for AT lessons.

How much is a lesson?

We charge $60 for a lesson, unless you sign up for 6 lessons and pre-pay $300.