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Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

In the Spring of 2010, Shirley recorded an interview (with Robert Rickover) about the usefulness of the Alexander Technique in dealing with disordered eating.

In August 2008, the  British Medical Journal published a study concluding that lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for people with chronic back pain.

There was some immediate reaction in the UK media - including articles in the Telegraph, Guardian and Daily Mail

A follow-up study was released in December 2009.

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Here are some links that we referred to in our workshop: 

Bone Deep Strength - bones push, muscles pull


The Inner Game of Tennis - W. Timothy Gallwey / ISBN 978-0-679-77831-8. More on how we learn / unlearn without any direct reference to AT. There are also books on the "inner game" of golf, skiing and work, but this is probably the best.   Here's a demonstration of how he works, where the section on inner game of tennis starts at 10:30

And then, for dessert, there's this